Glee fanfiction rachel and brittany dating

Here you can find a list of faberry fanfiction, or you can submit ones that you would recommend to others #glee #glee fanfic #faberry #faberry fanfiction #faberry fanfic #quinn/rachel. You are reading glee- what if fanfiction this is a glee fanfic have you ever wondered 'what if rachel was head of the cheerios' or 'rachel got knocked up' or 'will never found out terri. Santana+rachel- goodbye my hopeless dream (based on fanfiction) this video is a sort of trailer i guess for my fanfiction basically santana is dating puck but only to hide the fact she.

Spying- a glee fanfic blaine hadn’t meant to spy on new directions, he really hadn’t, but somehow, as he was looking for his boyfriend, who was supposed to be out in about ten minutes, he. In audition, rachel reveals that they've been dating the whole summer via jacob's glee's big gay summer video, and while everyone in glee club is mad at her for (indirectly) pushing. Communities » tv shows » glee communities 64 the best kurtxblaine stories because kurt deserves a boyfriend and blaine is perfect for the job (looking for staff as i am no longer part.

Fanfiction home of ishipzalldathings i have fanfic here for all ages, but a lot of it will be for adults glee pairings: fafaberry & rachel rating: nc-17 kinks: groupsex, anal, gp. Can you name the glee relationships test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others rachel berry: dating: rachel berry: ex-boyfriend. Fellow glee club de perdre autre chose, ' rachel indian girl dating white guy glee series database every note emotional, darren criss, i first trip to merge exists and dating in real dating.

A place for all rachel and santana fan-fiction recommendations feel free to submit. My glee fanfiction(must read) van124 | june 2, 2011 | user blog:van124 comments (252) contents highway unicorn sung by tina,rachel,brittany and quinn happy birthday(original song. Heres a complete list of every glee kink meme prompt ive ever filled (60 and counting), wheather posted on the meme, under anon, on fanfictionnet , or archieveofourown i tried to organize.

Glee seems to be giving us women as hypersexualized beasts (santana), virginal queens (quinn), simple children (brittany) and bossy narcissists (rachel) and now the sudden withering of the. Fanfiction didn’t help me realize i was queer, but getting into the femslash community in tumblr (specifically in glee fandom) and befriending some great writers there have me the motivation. Lesbians, fanfiction and glee oh my light my way back home » author: tagged: faberry, quinn fabray, rachel berry, glee, fanfiction, obligatory porn rec, which somehow involves. Title: you will get pregnant and die author: rotynd pairing, character(s): finn, kurt(/an unnamed boyfriend - blaine, effectively) rating: pg-13 word count: 2, 805 spoilers: up to 208.

  • It wasn't like she actually cared if quinn dated puck suddenly brittany was clapping, squealing with excitement, and rachel's eyes went wide in surprise as she was wrapped in a hug.
  • Read chapter 75 from the story trapped in a fake relationship (glee fanfiction) by ryderlynnfever (fara) with 374 reads glee, chordoverstreet, finchel my fam.
  • Santana kissed brittany’s forehead, then whispered, “i will always be into you” admin rachel britana glee into you fluff fanfiction-writers brittany x santana 2 notes.

Fanfiction | unleash looking around the restaurant, she saw that if she wanted to get seated anytime soon, she either had to sit with rachel or at finn, quinn, brittany and artie's. This community was created by alyssa(agoodinsane) to gather up the fans of the ot4 faberrittana this is a community for talking to other fans, posting fanfiction, art work, fan mixes. Brittany goes with the glee club to vocal adrenaline's high school, carmel high school, to get dakota stanley to choreograph for them they both suggest finn dating them, instead of.

Glee fanfiction rachel and brittany dating
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